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Burlington Vermont Birth Doula

Vermont Birth doula
and Photographer

You deserve to be celebrated and supported through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Hi, I'm Sarah Beauchamp (she/her).


I am a certified Vermont birth doula and professional photographer. I work with families all over Central and Northern Vermont. I am a mother of three young children and had three very different birth experiences. I know how important it is to feel supported during this time of change and growth.


I fell in love with everything about pregnancy, birth, and postpartum after having my first baby in 2017. I didn't hire a doula, and regretted not having the extra support with me for my 36 hour long labor...

I knew within a month of that birth that I wanted to support other birthing people and have since become a certified doula through Childbirth International. I spend a lot of my free time continuing my education and learning how to give the best evidence based care to Vermont families. 

I took my first photography class in high school and fell in love with photography and the way it captures memories and emotions. Time moves so quickly, but a photo stands still - always a reminder of a brief moment in time. 

I have combined my passion for photography with my love of birth. Working with me means you can feel supported and celebrated during this exciting time of pregnancy and postpartum. Your birth matters. When working together, my focus is always on you and helping you achieve your birth and postpartum goals. I work for you - not your provider. When working together I offer small childbirth education lessons, answer any questions you have throughout pregnancy or postpartum, and help you with your birth planning. I will be on-call for you from 37 weeks up until you have your baby. From helping with hip squeezes to making snacks, I will give whatever kind of support you need.


As a Vermont birth doula, I focus on giving educational, emotional, and physical support to you (and your partner if you have one!) from the time you hire me through six weeks postpartum.

I offer professional birth photography in combination with my doula services or as a separate offering. Working with me as your birth photographer means you can always remember the details of your birth story. I am a member of the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers and love capturing the beautiful details of labor and birth. Those details can get blurry as time passes. Hiring me as your birth photographer means you can remember your whole story with all the tiny fingers and toes. I will never share any of your birth images without your explicit permission.

I love capturing memories throughout the perinatal time and offer Vermont families maternity photography, Fresh 48 Photography, lifestyle newborn photography, and baby plans that capture your growing baby throughout the first year. I especially love supporting families through their birth and postpartum and then getting to capture their growing baby afterward. You can find out more about what I offer HERE.

“In giving birth to our babies, we may find that we give birth to new possibilities within ourselves.”

- Jon Kabat-Zinn
Montpelier Vermont Birth Doula and Photographer

The birth of a child is a transformative experience. Let me capture all of the details for you so you can remember your birthing day forever. Birth is a celebration and deserves to be remembered. I will quietly document your labor and birth as it unfolds. Labor and birth can be a blur - hiring a photographer means you won't forget any details. 

Certified Vermont Doula and Vermont Birth Photographer

Labor is hard work and having someone knowledgable to support you can change your entire experience. I can provide emotional, physical, and informational support throughout pregnancy and birth. Studies have shown that hiring a birth doula improves birth outcomes. I have birthed three babies and will use my experience and education to support you in having the birth you desire. 

Jericho Vermont Doula and Photographer

Do you want to remember all of the newborn details but don't want a photographer there during birth? Let me come to you in the hospital or at home within days of your birth to capture those tiny details you might forget as time passes. This is not a posed session. I will capture the real and raw details of postpartum and life with a new baby, 

Remember Your
Birth Stor

No matter how your birth unfolds, it will always be a special day: the birthday of your child. I want to help celebrate you and your birth experience. You will remember your birthing day for the rest of your life. But as time passes, it can be hard to remember all of the details.


I think every birth story deserves to be remembered.

I can help.

Burlington Vermont Birth Doula

So what is a birth doula?

And why should you work with one?

A birth doula is a professional who provides emotional, physical, and educational support to people throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.


As your certified Vermont birth doula, I will support you in having whatever birth experience you desire. I will share education with you and help you feel confident heading into birth and postpartum.

Benefits of Hiring a Doula​

  • Decreased risk of Cesarean section

  • Increased likelihood of a spontaneous vaginal birth

  • Decreased need for pain medications, such as narcotics or an epidural

  • Decreased need for labor augmentation with Pitocin

  • Decreased need for assisted birth with forceps or vacuum

  • Shorter labor by an average of 41 minutes

  • Improvement in 5 minute APGAR score after birth

  • More likely to be satisfied with your birth experience

  • Higher success with breastfeeding ​

St Albans Vermont Birth Photographer and Burlington VT Doula
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