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Vermont Birth Photographer and Author of the book Birth Happens photo of home birth in Vermont and Burlington VT Doula

Birth Happens:

A Collection of Birth Stories

      After the birth of my third baby in 2021, I wanted a way to help educate and inspire others about birth. I grew up watching movies and shows that portrayed birth as a chaotic and excruciating event. After having three babies, I knew that birth didn't have to be that way. Birth is mysterious and magical. It can sometimes be traumatic, but it can often be beautiful.


      I spent a year creating the book Birth Happens: A Collection of Birth Stories. In this book there are 128 different birth stories from 8 different countries around the world. There are hospital births, inductions, c-sections, home births, and unassisted births. I wanted to create a modern day resource that would help people to have better birth experiences.


      If you are local to the Burlington, Vermont area and would like a copy, I am happy to meet and sell you one in person. If you aren't local or don't want to worry about meeting up, it is available to purchase on Amazon.


Click the picture below to ORDER your copy!

Birth Happens by author Sarah Beauchamp who is a Birth photographer and labor doula in Vermont
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