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Vermont Family Photographer


[ doo-la-tog ]  


a doula and photographer

What I offer:

I love pregnancy, birth, and babies. I am a certified birth doula and a Vermont photographer. I love supporting birthing people and also love capturing the moments along the way. 

After having three babies and three very different births, I knew I had to help support other families going through this journey to parenthood. I have spent a lot of time learning evidence based and trauma informed care. My doula certification is through Childbirth International. I want every birthing person to feel supported and listened to as they make the big decisions around pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. 

I am also a photographer and love seeing the memories and changes that happen during the perinatal time. I have always enjoyed photography as a way to share stories and capture emotions. I offer maternity photography, birth photography,  Fresh 48 photography, Lifestyle Newborn Sessions, and baby photography across Northern Vermont.

I want you to feel safe, supported, and respected throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

10 Fun Facts About Me

  • My childhood nickname was Bear. I have family and friends who still only call me by this name.

  • I have lived in 7 different states - Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Connecticut, Colorado, New York, and Vermont.

  • I have three kids and my births were all very unique. My different experiences inspired me to become a doula and support other birthing people.

  • I love music and used to play the piano and violin. I am not a great singer, but I love to sing!

  • I took a film photography class in high school where I first fell in love with photography.

  • My favorite numbers are 4 and 7. 

  • I created a book of birth stories after the birth of my third baby. I felt so powerful and strong after that birth, and I want everyone to know that it is possible for birth to feel good.

  • I love mountains and being outside. I grew up hiking in the Adirondack mountains and hiked all the 46 High Peaks by the time I was 14.

  • My family has one dog, one cat, and a few fish. I love all animals and used to pretend I was like Dr. Dolittle and could talk to them. 

  • I believe love is love, black lives matter, reproductive rights are human rights, and autonomy is essential. I believe collectively we can work together to make the world a better place for everyone. 

Vermont Photographer Near Me

Photography is more than just capturing images.
It's a way to preserve memories and emotions

that can be revisited and cherished for years to come.

"Sarah was such an important part of our birth team - when things didn't go quite according to plan she helped keep us calm and we all rolled with the changes together. She was such a reassuring and nurturing presence from start to finish."

Client in St. Albans, Vermont

"I can't thank Sarah enough for all the photos she captured. Seeing the photos brought tears to my eyes. It is amazing having memories of such a beautiful time."

Client in Colchester, Vermont

"Everything about the experience of working with Sarah was wonderful. I am so happy that we had her at our birth and have beautiful photos of our whole family to remember such an important night. I would hire her again in an instant."

Client in Waitsfield, Vermont

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